Monday, 26 July 2010

Off to the Airport.

Last minute checking of papers outside the mission office and then we are off. Warriors for truth ready to wing their back home. What do you say at such a time. Only the Spirit can convey what is in our hearts. God speed.
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  1. And home we are, a new life. Work and school and other things. Just remember to always do our best. To keep doing the right things and I know that we all can get eternal life.
    I'm so greatful for the gospel in my liks fe. That I served and finish my mission. It was such a great time. Thanks for everything!
    In the end of this month the 30th of August. I'll start school, a university in my town (Örebro, is the name) I'm going to study systems scicence program. :)That was all I had to say. Everything else is going very good.
    Again, Be Happy and Don't worry!