Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Missionary Fireside at Acropoli

Elder Bavelas is giving Elder Erickson a statue of Leonidas with grateful thanks for his presentation. We enjoyed walking down memory lane as he shared experiences from his mission in England. We felt the Spirit as he shared with us a power point presentation on Teaching Spirit to Spirit. People may wonder why I keep referring to Neil as 'Elder', it is just that I feel such a sense of gratitude for the gift of the gospel that he so freely shared. He was Elder Erickson then and I feel that he will ever be so.

Eating Out.

We stopped off at Vitros to have a meal. Elder and Sister Bell introduced this restaurant to us and it brought back sweet memories of them. We wish them well now that they are safely home.

In the Footsteps of Paul.

Climbing the ancient steps that lead to Mars Hill.

Lycabbettos Hill

We took Neil and Lori to St Georges Hill known locally as Lycabbettos. There is a marvellous view of Athens. I am really pleased with this shot. I think Elder Baker would be proud of me.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Parthenon.


Doesn't the Parthenon look amazing with these great people in the picture?

At the Temple of Athena


Yes, they really are in Athens!


Lori meets the Relief Society in Acropoli.

The Ericksons in Acropoli!


What a wonderful feeling it was to have Elder Neil Erickson and his lovely wife Lori come to visit. Elder Erickson along with his companion Elder Ron Woolstenhulme taught us the Gospel in 1975 in Maidstone, Kent and we were baptised. What a joy to have him here in the place where we are now serving.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Decisions, decisions!


Each decision was taken in faith and at times the excitement in the air was quite empowering.
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Reaching Out In Faith.

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Weekly Planning Session.


We met with Elders Woodger and Smith for a weekly planning session at their apartment. It was a great privilege to be with them and feel of their spirit.
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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Gigas Galore!


A Giga is a kebab as big as your head. These missionaries managed to eat two each of the gigantic monsters. This is not something you wish to witness as it will put you off ever eating a Giga for the rest of your life. I have to tell you that President Charles has managed to eat one, it was not a pretty sight! Elders Rodriguez and Smith are looking as if they may now be regretting their choice. Elder Steeby on the other hand seems very pleased with himself.
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Happy are We!

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Theologos' Baptism


Theologos was baptised on the 19th. March 2011 by Elder Mossner. " Come follow me" the Saviour said. Theologos has heard the voice of the Good Shepherd and has followed Him into the waters of Baptism.
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Our Turn!


President Charles looks very pleased with himself after finishing his role play.
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Still in Thess.


Elder and Sister Collier did a great job for their very first role play. Sister Collier is bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon.
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Role Play in Thessaloniki


Elders Greciano and Gaillard really getting into their practice session.
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Training in Thessaloniki


More role playing with energy and sincerity.
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Couples' Meeting in Cyprus


It was so good to meet together. These wonderful couples are a source of energy, wisdom and strength for the mission. How blessed we are.
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Happy Birthday Elder Sorensen.

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Happy Birthday!

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Good Testimonies make a Difference.

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Still in Cyprus.


Elder Jentzsch giving them a hard time in a practice session.
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Role Plays Continue.

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Planning Their Role Play.


Elder Jentzsch and Elder Loynes take a moment to rehearse.
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More Role Plays.


These role plays have been amazing. The testimonies that are borne touch my heart.
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