Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy are We !

Lovely smiles in this picture from Elders Brandenburg and Leit. Brother Yiannis recently baptised is an active member of the Thessaloniki Branch.
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Sister Collier with Manuela.

Elder Leit translating for Sister Collier as she finds out who Manuela has visited this month.
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Thessaloniki .

Sister Collier giving some loving encouragement to members about getting their visiting teaching done.
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Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Supporting Arm.

Elder Held supports Angelos from the water after his baptism. I wonder what sweet words of joy he is whispering?
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A Solemn Moment.

Maria Elena about to be baptised by Elder Reading. Elder Held, with hands clasped, looks as if he is praying that all will go well.
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Baptisms in Larnaca.

Here we have from left to right Elder Mossner, Angelos,Elder Held, Maria Elena and Elder Reading. Angelos and Maria Elena were baptised on Saturday the 22nd of October 2011.
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Getting Ready!

A moment that lasts seconds and yet is remembered for eternity.

Myrna's Baptism

Waiting for the moment to begin anew.
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Jane's Baptism.

Here we have Jane with Elders Neville and Smith. Brother Ron Bagshaw of the Paphos Branch was the other witness.
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Baptisms in Pafos.

What a beautiful sight! From left to right we have Shani and Myrna who were baptised by Elder Smith, and Jane who was baptised by Elder Neville. Wonderful daughters of God who in faith begin their journey back to Him, beginning with their baptisms on Sunday 23rd of October 2011.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How Bright He Shines!

Elder Stulen captured this shot of Elder Wu at our last missionary training meeting. His scriptures and Preach My Gospel seemed to cause him to shine more brightly. We love the scriptures, and because each missionary has a personal and a companionship study time, our day begins on a firm foundation.
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Elder Stulen Lost in Thought.

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Monastery in Meteora

Elder Stulen took this great picture of one of the monasteries in Meteora.
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Elders Gibbons, Brandenburg, Leit and Stulen enjoying the views of Meteora. A wonderful way to spend part of a preparation day.

A Street in Thessaloniki.

Here we have Elders Stulen and Gibbons who are serving in Thessaloniki. I love the way the light is dazzling behind them. If you knew them, and the way they work, you would know that they are indeed 'children of the light'.
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Monday, 24 October 2011

A Great Team!

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Zone Leaders.

Elders Cook and Yates teach us about faith. They spoke with power and authority.
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Keep Brushing!

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Elder Wu Still Smiling!

Elder Wu stills manages to smile, even with a toothbrush in his mouth. Sister Davis showing how to angle the toothbrush for good cleaning of the gums.
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Smile Please!

Sister Davis helped us learn good dental hygiene. We learnt to floss properly and use our toothbrushes at just the right angle to clean our gums. Sister Davis was a dental hygienist in the States, and knows everything there is to know about keeping our gums and teeth healthy.
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Thank you!

A great big thank you to everyone who helped with the food. It was delicious and prepared with love.
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That Was Funny!

Can't remember what it was, but it did make us smile.
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Athens/Thessaloniki Training Meeting

Here we are reading the account of Alma and Amulek. President Charles had prepared it so that six of us had parts to read. Elder Kopischke was well chosen for his, he was cast as the angel.
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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Souvlaki Kifissia.

A taste of Greece for Elder and Sister Clark.
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At the Airport and the Office.

The office is going to be a very busy place over the next few weeks, but as you see from the pictures there will be a lot of love and laughter.
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The Androses and the Clarks.

Elder and Sister Clark have come to serve in the office and will be orientated to the work by Elder and Sister Andros.
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The Clarks are Here, Hurrah!

Here we are at the airport with Elder and Sister Clark. We are all so happy to finally have them with us in the Greece Athens Mission.

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