Wednesday, 30 June 2010

David Glen Hatch and Students 29th June 2010.

They came, they played, they conquered! How generous of Dr. Hatch and his students to give of their time and talents so freely. We were treated to an evening of the classics performed with great passion.
At times it seemed that hands fairly danced across the keys producing sounds that plucked at our very heartstrings. Thanks must go to Elder and Sister Ollerton for managing this successful event.
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David Glenn Hatch Concert 29th June 2010

Here are a few of us outside the auditorium waiting for the concert to begin.
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David Glen Hatch Fireside 28 June 2010

David Glen Hatch international concert and recording artist and distinguished teacher of piano held a fireside at the Acropoli Chapel.
Using music and the spoken word he along with some of his students treated us to an evening of 'The Power of Music '. We were enthralled as hymns were played with such power and feeling. Those attending were spiritually fed by the words spoken by Dr. Hatch. Our spirits soared with the music he and his students played.

By the way over 300 biscuits/cookies were baked by the missionaries, and most of them were eaten!! Not only a spiritual feast but a physical one also.
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Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday 28 June 2010 Off to the Airport.

Check in went without a hitch, and then it was time to wave them through the departure gate. We love them, we admire their courage and their fortitude in the face of challenging moments. We will miss them ,but will continue to feel of their spirits from the legacy they leave behind.
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The Time is Far Spent....

The sun set on our beautiful testimony meeting on Mars Hill. It is always hard to say goodbye to those that we have come to love as family.
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More Mars Hill.

Brother and Sister Johansen ( bottom left) are leaving Greece for another assignment back in the States. They were a vital part of the Halandri Branch, and gave strength to the members and missionaries throughout their time here. We love them, and will miss them.

Elder Jentzsch knows what picture will get on the blog, much to Elder Arnold's amusement
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Mars Hill 27 June 2010

What are Elders Jentzsch and Sebald trying to tell me. Something about a football match?? Of course no one watched it, but we are always able to find out the score. Well done Germany! I think Elder Muurling is about to soar with the music from the hymnbooks he is carrying!
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Leonidas Lunch Saturday 26 June 2010

Elders Gardner,Arnold, Roderick and Hall are leaving on Monday homeward bound. Some very powerful testimonies were borne . Tears were shed, and hearts were filled with love one for another and most of all for Him who created us . Here are some of the comments from those testimonies.

"I've enjoyed the journey the whole way" " I feel I belong more to the Gospel and Jesus Christ. These past 2 years has drawn me to them"

"My mission has given me a strong testimony of Heavenly Father and His plan"

" Before my mission I was very focused on how I was going to be a good missionary, and how I was going to help people 'come unto Christ'. Many times Heavenly Father has reminded me that He was helping me to come unto Him".
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Elder and Sister Dracocardos arrive in Athens.

When we awoke this morning we were all excited because later in the day we would be off to the airport. Elder and Sister Dracocardos arrived with smiles and joy in their hearts. They delighted to be in Greece and to be in the service of the Lord.

Elder Dracocardos was born in Rhodes and has family connections there and in Cyprus. Another miracle this is in fulfilment of his patriarchal blessing that he would serve in his homeland. This is Sister Dracocardos second mission, her first being in Scotland.
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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

On the way home from Nafplio.

This reminds us of days out back home. One of the children would always fall asleep having enoyed a great day out.Posted by Picasa

More from Nafplio.

Nafplio is a seaport town and was the first capital of modern Greece.
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Nafplio 7th. June 2010

I love this photo of Elder and Sister Ollerton. They both bring great joy into our lives.
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Zone Trip to Nafplio 7th. June 2010

Waiting for the coach to take us to Nafplio. Everyone has brought treats to share. We will probably start those even before the doors close on the bus!!
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Leadership meeting at Halandri 6th. June 2010

I am sorry I didn't get a picture at the start of the meeting . We presented to members and missionaries a role play of a Branch Council in action. We also invited participation from those in attendance on how they would deal with certain situations. President Charles has a vision which he shared with us. " I see the Greece Athens Temple standing on one of the immortal hills of Athens. I see the Stakes of Zion, a number in Athens alone and maybe 50 wards spread throughout Greece. I see most of them led by Greek people and I see the Church having an influence on Greek society!
Our hearts did burn within us as the Spirit spoke courage to our souls.
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June 5th. District Meeting in Halandri.

Elder Cook shared the scripture Mosiah 28:3, very sobering. Elder and Sister Davis introduced themselves and shared a little of their background. We love them already. Elder Rimmel gave a presentation on Planning, always important and essential in the daily life of a missionary.
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We Love Companioship Study!

Smiles all round with President and Elders Rimmel and Cook. We love meeting up with the missionaries in their apartments, for they are always so gracious and accepting of our visits. The spirit of the Lord speaks peace to our souls.
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June 5 th.2010 Companionship Study

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Friday, 4 June 2010

1st. June 2010 Meeting With The Assistants

I love this picture. We have a wonderful time when we meet with Elders Roderick and Grow. They are a great example to us of commitment to the Lord and His work. They provide much needed counsel and support, how blessed we are to know them.
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29th My 2010 District Meeting in Acropoli.

Straight after companionship study we attended a district meeting. Here they are getting ready to receive some great instruction. There was a varied amount of information. We were taught some grammar principles, learnt a little cultural lesson, spiritual moments shared one with another.
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Companionship Study 29th May 2010

We had a spiritual time with Elders Gaillard and Mossner. They set the tone beautifully for companionship study by having a clean and tidy apartment. We studied together from Preach My Gospel, shared with them the vision that Elder Kerr ( Area 70) imparted to us at Cyprus District Conference. We likened the scriptures unto ourselves and were glad to have this sacred time together.
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