Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Elder Wilderspin and Elder Gibbons spoke to me about wanting to have a Christ centred transfer. They are focusing on the Saviour and what He would do, think or say in any given situation. They have set goals for miracles to happen, and at the end of each day they write a miracle or two in the little blue book. I was privileged to sit with them while they were waiting for an interview with President Charles. I came away uplifted and rejoicing. These two bright servants of the Lord are great miracles to me.
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Lots of Practice Time!

We enjoyed our opportunity to practice together. There are moments when we smile at some of the mistakes we make. But more often we smile through tears, because the Spirit whispers confirming truths to our souls.
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This weekend at the Cyprus District Conference, Cameron was ordained to the office of Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood .

Happy Birthday!

We sang to Sister Maxwell who had a birthday in November. We love her strength and gentle ways, and are so happy to serve with her.

Fun Photo!

I just had to have this picture when I saw the pose. Here we have Elder Niebuhr with some of the Young Adults in Nicosia.
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Always a Surprise!

When I attempt to take a picture I never know what will come out. I mean, what is Elder Radnoti waiting for? Why is Elder Gibbons saying aaaah? And all Elder Kopischke wants is a little peace.
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After Conference.

Photographs are precious memories. As we look on these in years to come our hearts will smile.

Packages From Home.

Elder Leit gets packages from home, and always very generously shares his yummy Danish licquorice. Elder Kopischke and I are happy to be close by on this occasion.
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Keep The Letters Coming.

It was so funny watching Sister Virkamaki reading her letters. She would laugh out loud so many times that those sitting nearby just had to join in.Posted by Picasa

Halandri Branch Donation.

Food was collected for Klimaka an NGO based in Athens which serves approximately 6,000 people. Every week nearly 300 people pass through the doors of the shelter. They are able to bathe, have something to eat, get first aid and some clean clothes.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Assistants and Leonidas.

We stopped off at Thermopylae as Elder Deeley had not been before. We spoke about the bravery of these soldiers as they fought against all odds.
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Wonderful family.

It was so good to see Elder Mortensen again, wonderful for his family to witness a baptism in the sea. He is so happy to be showing his family around his beloved Thessaloniki.
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Baptism in Thessaloniki.

Vyron Cani was baptised on the 20th November 2011 by Elder Greciano. He didn't want a photograph taken as he felt that it wouldn't do justice to the sacred occasion. Brother Cani was first contacted by Elders Gaillard and Greciano, he was taught further and prepared for baptism by Elders Leit and Brandenburg.
It was such a sunny day, and looking out on the sea was a delight, as the water sparkled like diamonds.

Yeah, We Finished!

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I Made One Too!

We were all so pleased with our calendars and for the opportunity to be together. A sister would begin to sing a Christmas carol, and then others would join in. There was laughter and teasing and a sweet spirit. Sister Collier had worked hard to prepare everything for us, and was so encouraging to those of us who are not confident with craft making.

Look What I Made.

Sister Manuela pleased with her work.

A Helping Hand.

A helping hand from Sister Gallagher for lovely Letty.

Relief Society in Thessaloniki.

Sister Collier had organised a wonderful activity on Saturday afternoon. Here are some of the Relief Society making advent calendars

Lunch Time!

Elder and Sister Davis and Elder and Sister Mower make lunch at Zone Conference a real treat.

Scenes from After Zone Conference.

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Elder Brandenburg Happy to be Here!


Sisters Braaksma and Charles


Monday, 21 November 2011

The Assistants.

Elders Deeley and Woodger are always willing to serve and lead the way.

Lots of Role Plays.

The Zone Leaders Elders Cook and Yates organised role plays around sharing Preach My Gospel with the members. It was very inspiring to be a part of this, and the organisation of it was quite superb.
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Elder Loynes. We sang the Greek version of happy birthday at Zone Conference, and then today on the way back from Thessaloniki, we sang to him over the phone. Elder Loynes works hard to share the gospel, and he also brings a lot of joy and laughter to the mission.
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Sisters at Zone Conference.

From left to right Sisters Almeida and Gallagher who serve in Thessaloniki. Sisters Braaksma and Rumbach serve in Athens.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Role Playing.

President and Sister Freestone role playing the new ' Call All Member Programme". This deals with the Preach My Gospel manual and placing it with each head of household. It was inspiring, and we look forward to seeing the growth of the mission, as members catch the vision of this great book.

Music In The Home.

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Sister Joanne braves the cold sea with the support of the branch behind her
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