Friday, 27 January 2012

My Sister In Athens.

Here is my sister Betty visiting from home. It was a sweet reunion as we haven't seen each other for over 2 and a half years.
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Monday, 23 January 2012

Sister Hick's { Relief Society President ,Halandri} Observations On The Greece Athens Mission Conference.

The Frost family meet Elder Fingerle just before the meeting.
This weekend has been a spiritual feast! As we met in the shadow of the mighty Acropolis of Ancient Greece the great strength in our membership could be felt. What a joy it was to see the room filled full of warm and loving members and to be in the presence of the spiritual giant- Elder Fingerle of the Seventy. Our nationalities are many but our hearts are one.
It was a delight to see Elder Marvin and Sister Grace Smith again. They are serving their fifth mission, this time in Cyprus. (They had previously been the office couple in Athens). They are such strong and faithful members! I was so surprised to see them on Saturday.
Sister Charles gave such a beautiful talk - half in Greek and we were all so impressed with how well she is speaking Greek! President Charles helped us all see the importance of the "Preach My Gospel" book and how it can make a difference in the work here. We're amazed by his enthusiasm and how he preaches with such power!
Juliana did an excellent job, talking about her amazing experience in the temple. And, Nancy's talk - delivered by her husband was equally as beautiful. (Nancy-we're sorry you were ill and couldn't be with us).
On Saturday Nancy directed the music and on Sunday Alyson did so. I played the organ for both sessions. The missionary choir was so uplifting and their song "Making Greece a Zion's Land" has been running through my mind since Saturday's rehearsal.
Sister and Elder Davis coordinated a delicious dinner on Saturday night. The soups were all terrific. Thanks to the Maxwells, Davises and others who made them. (Sorry, I'm not sure who to give the credit to.)
The Mowers were so kind to take care of our son and Pavlo during the Saturday night sessions. Caleb had a nice time with them.
Each and every talk and hymn was uplifting. It really is incredible to see the strength of the Greece Athens Mission. What really added to that strength was the presence of so many fine missionaries. Each and every one of them adds their light to the fire. They are truly an inspiration to us all!
We don't know exactly how many investigators were with us but we saw one man that Joe knows from the Embassy. His name is Christos and he was touched by the meetings and wants to come again.
We are part of something great! Let's keep our faith and numbers growing and soon we'll need a larger chapel.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

At The Office.

Getting the key indicators on the computer. It's nice to get a clear shot of Sister Clark , only seconds before, she was head down and beavering away.
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The Assistants!

Here we have Elders Antonopoulos and Held with President Charles. They are very faithful missionaries who rejoice in the work of the Lord. They are firm in their focus, but there are times of smiles and laughter. We look forward to our closer association with them over this transfer.
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting Ready!

Elders Baret and Demeyere met Peter in a park, a place he had not visited for over a year. They began to teach him and within a month he was ready to be baptised. The Lord guides His missionaries to find those who have 'ears to hear'.
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Baptism In Limassol.

Peter was baptised by Elder Baret on Saturday 31st December. Elders Leit and Demeyere were the witnesses for this sacred occasion.
Peter said, "What a beautiful start, to get baptised the last day of the year 2011, to begin a new life in a new year 2012".
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Monday, 9 January 2012

Put On The Armour.

Elder Kopischke who is the District Leader of Cyprus South District, is pictured with his armour clad companion, Elder Reading. Elder Kopischke used the armour to depict the 'perfect' missionary. The breastplate was for obedience, the helmet for revelation, faith was the shield and the sword was their companion. The shoes that you cannot see, remind missionaries that they need to walk with the members. In the District meeting Alma Chapter 48 verses 11-13 and verse 17 were read. In verse 17, put our own names in the place of Moroni, and set our hearts free.
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Baptisms in Nicosia.

It is Christmas Eve and Nicosia Branch had the joy of welcoming 3 new people into the fold. Here we have Moses who was taught by Elders Antonopoulos and Baake. Moses was baptised by President Poudel who serves as the Branch President. Two other converts, mother and son, who were taught by Sisters Virkamaki and Hambrock were also baptised today by Elder Niebuhr.
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