Monday, 9 November 2009

Farmers Market

This is a picture of a Laiki ( A farmers market) I did make a video of it but I am not sure if I can blog this. We enjoyed walking around and feasting our eyes on all the beautiful colours and varieties of fruits and vegetables. Many of the missionaries will shop at these outdoor markets because they are cheaper and at the end of the day you can pick up a real bargain. The markets set up on different streets during the week, so they get to shop at the one closest to their apartment.
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YSA Monthly Council Meeting

Dimitris Voutourlis , YSA Council President( in the far left of the picture) conducted a wonderful council meeting. The majority of the time was spent talking about people, their needs and how those needs could and would be met.

Elder Wondra ( area 70) spent the weekend with us. His energy and enthusiasm for the gospel gave us great encouragement and hope.

He spoke about discouragement and said- who are we following when we allow ourselves to feel this, whose servants are we? He spoke about joyfully living the gospel, and that whenever we teach the classroom should be filled with the love of God.

We felt very blessed to have him in our midst. Sister Tayor and Sister Bell smoothed the way by providing the food for the whole day on Sunday. Not only did it look beautiful but it was also quite delicious.
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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Parthenon and changing of the guard.

We had such a lovely day, the weather was perfect. The Acropolis is the symbol of Athens, the sacred rock, linking the ancient civilisation with the modern city.
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Rachael and Aimee

Rachael and her dear friend Aimee came to visit. Here they are on the old steps leading up to Mars Hill .
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Visit from the CES Department

This picture was taken on the balcony of the Acropoli Branch building. You can see the Parthenon in the background. It never fails to amaze me when I look around and see the history that surrounds me.
Brother Fingerle, Lotito and Wilkinson talked with us about Seminary and Institute and opened our eyes and hearts to many possibilities.
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Thessaloniki Zone Conference

It is always a pleasure to visit Thessaloniki. We are given such a warm welcome from this merry band of missionaries. As you can see some intense work is going on as we prepared ourselves for role play situations .
We love all of the missionaries in the Greece Athens Mission, how blessed we are to rub shoulders with such great ones.
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